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The purpose of the Central Coast Jung Society is to meet as a group sharing a common interest in the philosophy, ideas, and practices inspired by Carl Gustav Jung. We aim to foster imagination and deepen our relationship with and experience of the psyche, and to encourage the individuation process in ourselves, our community and culture by means of lectures, workshops, seminars, media and social activities.

Meeting Information:

This year we will host four guest lectures on the following Sundays:
October 21, 2018, January 20, March 17, and May 19 , 2019.
Presentations will run from 2 to 4pm. Doors open at 1:45pm.

Fellowship Hall at United Church of Christ, 11245 Los Osos Valley Road, San Luis Obispo CA


*NEW* Membership dues are $40/year for members and $12/meeting for non-members.
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If you have questions about the Central Coast Jung Society or wish to be added to the mailing list, please contact: Dorothy Pitkin, PhD, at Doriephd@yahoo.com.


We also have information about the Jung Library, which contains 1187 titles, and is housed at Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA.

CCJS Events 2018-2019

∼ October 21, 2018 ∼

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Guest lecture by Torrey Byles

The kind of money of the modern era is different from earlier forms found in ancient Greece, China and other civilizations. It is a unique combination of the sovereign power of state coupled with "private-sector banks." This specific architecture developed in Europe and in combination with Europe's revolutionary discovery that the earth was not the center of the cosmos, it set off a secular revolution in science, commerce and personal freedom & dignity that has produced unprecedented material prosperity, new human living practices and democratic forms of governance that continues today. Yet this combination and its secular outlook came at a heavy price. It created only half a heaven on earth. It denied the mystery of consciousness and existence, dismissed ultimate meaningfulness, and reduced human relations to calculated instrumental use-value and personal-gain strategies. Today's global civilization, in using this monetary architecture, finds itself at a crossroads where these very same secular notions and practices that created the prosperity and personal power are the very same things that threaten to destroy it. The only way forward is to "see through" this outlook and its practices. Such a possibility comes out of the great boon of what came to be called "depth psychology" and its revolutionary orthogonal approach to growth, self realization in community.
Economist and Dream Group Facilitator, Torrey Byles, recounts important developments in modern world culture that points to this unprecedented and perilous moment in history. He shows how the current crisis comes out of the period of Enlightenment of the 17th and 18th centuries Europe, and how, from dissident thinkers of that period who rebelled against the rationalism and "disenchantment of the cosmos", indeed point to paths of resolution for today. In addition to saints and shamans of non-European traditions, Torrey draws from Western philosophers and economists as well, including Freud, Jung, Max Weber, JM Keynes, Schumpeter, Wittgenstein, Richard Tarnas, James Hillman, Ken Wilber, John Searle, Jane Jacobs, Elinor Ostrom, Faye Duchin, and Charles Taylor.


Torrey Byles' almost forty-year career has been that of an economist, business analyst, journalist and spiritual seeker. He began in China learning Mandarin Chinese, while covering the economic "little dragons" and the opening of China. Later in Silicon Valley he started his own industry-analysis company and helped companies to re-engineer supply chains with electronic commerce systems. Then, in his 40s, he experienced a crisis in outlook, and closed his consultancy to study dreams, the wisdom traditions of the world and to meditate and hike. He ultimately moved to Oregon where he was effective as an economist of local, regional economies, his last official office there being head of the SOU Market Research Institute of Oregon's SBDC. Torrey has a BA in economics from UCSD, a Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies from Southern Oregon University (SOU), and several professional certificates including Dream Group Facilitation from the Marin Institute of Projective Dreamwork (Jeremy & Kathryn Taylor), Operations Research from Stanford University, and Econometric Modeling from the Implan Group. He currently resides in Morro Bay, CA.

∼January 20, 2019∼


∼March 17, 2019∼


∼May 19, 2019∼


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